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Arkhat G. Zhumadilov

  • Mountain Biking Equipment Essentials

    When choosing mountain biking equipment, you must have a few items. Gloves are essential for enhanced grip while mountain biking. Waterproof jackets and multi-tools are also necessary. Helmets are a must. And, of course, no cycling trip is complete without a pair of sunglasses. Here are some essentials for the ultimate mountain biking experience. Read […]

  • Essential Mountain Biking Equipment

    There are a few essential components to have while selecting mountain riding gear. In order to improve your grip when mountain riding, gloves are necessary. Additionally required are multi-tools and waterproof coats. Helmets are essential. Of course, a bicycle journey would not be complete without a set of sunglasses. The following items are necessary for […]

  • The Advantages of Recreational Swimming and Aquatic Parks

    Recreational swimming is most likely not first associated with a competitive activity, but rather a tranquil experience in the water. Typically, recreational swimming pools have one or two-lane lines, not any at all. Swimmers follow the black line to the right or left. It’s a great exercise that boosts flexibility and cardiovascular health. Additionally, swimming […]

  • Swimming is good for your brain in a variety of ways

    Did you know that swimming helps your brain function better? According to Arkhat Zhumadilov, research have revealed that swimming boosts blood flow to the brain by 14%. That is, it will boost your memory, concentration, and mood. Swimming will increase blood flow to your brain even if you don’t experience any physical effort. Here are […]

  • Beginner Swimming Exercise To Lose Weight

    According to Arkhat Zhumadilov, swimming may be incorporated into your fitness routine in a variety of ways. Navy SEALs practice kicking through water, which is one of the most popular workouts. A medicine ball may also be used for strength and conditioning training. Start by swimming with your hands at shoulder height and gradually progress […]

  • How to Improve Your Running Form in the Comfort of Your Own Home

    According to Arkhat Zhumadilov, learning proper running technique is the most effective strategy to enhance your running form. You will be able to run faster and cover more distances with less effort if you acquire good technique. You’ll also lower your chances of being hurt. Here are a few suggestions for improving your running technique: […]

  • Find the best running shoes for men and women

    According to Arkhat Zhumadilov, To find the right running shoes for your foot type, you need to know how you walk. Your heel hits the ground outside first. Your foot rolls inward to absorb shock and pushes off evenly at the end of your gait. Because if you overpronate, your foot will roll outward, putting […]

About Me

More than 10 years: Arkhat G. Zhumadilov has been in the finance business for a long time. As someone who has worked for a long time, he has a lot of different jobs that people trust, as well as a lot of short-term jobs. Among other things, Zhumadilov has been the financial analyst, a part-time CFO, and a finance expert who worked on important projects with other people.

As of right now, Arkhat Zhumadilov is working as a part-time CFO for Dresden Works Incorporated, one of the largest employers in Spring, Texas and Montgomery County. He works as a part-time CFO and as the CFO for his own company, Zhumadilov Finance, which he started in 2017. He does both jobs at the same time. It has helped about 100 businesses and organizations get the right financial and accounting systems in place to help them grow their businesses, so far.

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